I Want To Break Free (Victory Over Asperger’s Syndrome)


An Art and Performance Training like no other in the world!


Presented by artist Aron Glasser and based on his collection ‘My Journey with Asperger’s Syndrome’, with support from The Pioneer Approaches team

Prof and Aron 1

A training day that consists of a performance in the morning, followed by a short question and answers session, and a workshop in the afternoon to consider how participants can use the strategies and approaches demonstrated in their own setting

I Want To Break Free (Victory Over Asperger’s Syndrome) is a training event like no other, using art, drama, comedy and song, based on Artist Aron Glasser’s collection of paintings ‘My Journey with Asperger’s Syndrome’.

Watch Aron’s paintings come to life as Aron and ‘The Professor’ take you on a journey through time to tell you his remarkable story, ably supported by friends Oliver and James and The Pioneer Approaches team

Confusion Jungle

Aron and Ali have worked together to add sound effects and animation to his paintings, drawing on Aron’s interest in sounds, comedy, and cartoons.

Aron goes back to his childhood, to times of transition, relationships, the anxieties and isolation that he has struggled with and the strategies that have eventually helped him to lead a happier and more meaningful life

Prof and Aron 2

This event will be of value to anyone interested in creative person-centred approaches and to those who are associated with people across the autistic spectrum and/or with learning disabilities

After the performance, Aron and the members of the team (which includes parent/carers) will be able to talk to you about their own experiences in the questions and answers session. In the afternoon participants will divide into smaller groups for the workshop activities, with support from the trainers

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance


We have received very positive feedback for these events

Examples include:

“Very different – most useful. A very memorable learning method”

      “Different and refreshing”             “Really enjoyed it!”

“Interactive and interesting”                  “Inspirational!”

                     “More person-centred and real”

                                    “A breath of fresh air!”



Aron Glasser is first and foremost an artist. His paintings cover a variety of topics and interests. Aron has put together a series of paintings entitled “My Journey with Asperger’s Syndrome, which describe the challenges he faced through childhood and the strategies he has learned that have changed his life for the better

“Many people like myself – with Asperger’s Syndrome – can find getting a job, making friends and socialising deeply challenging” Aron says “I love to paint pictures that reflect my emotional perceptions of situations and show what it feels like for me on the inside, as sometimes pictures can speak louder than words. It is important to me that people can relate to how challenging real life situations can be for me and how easy it is to feel misunderstood. I want to raise awareness that having this condition can be a blessing, not a curse”


Ali Jones is a Trainer, Consultant and Creative Practitioner. She has over 25 years’ experience of working in Community Education, teaching staff (for example, delivering Autism Awareness training to health and social care staff, and the private and voluntary sector for Herts County Council) and service users in a number of settings, including schools, community centres, residential homes, hospitals and colleges. She specialises in working with clients with learning disabilities and differences such as autism

We will be ably supported by members of our team which includes people on the autistic spectrum and those with a wealth of experience of working for and with them









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