The Rumbles


The Rumbles (UK)

Complimentary Therapists

“The age of chivalry is not dead!”

 Raising the positive profile of people with learning disabilities and differences

 Rumbles 13 (2)

“We pay people compliments, serenade people with songs, and use comedy and slapstick to cheer them up”

 The Rumbles are complimentary therapists on a mission to raise the morale of the general public

The group have put together ‘compliment slips’, with compliments (such as ‘You have lovely eyes’, ‘The sun comes out when you do’ etc.) which we give out to people at the events we perform at

Our performances attract people from all walks of life. Audience participation is a big feature of what we do

We have performed at Mental Health events, we have busked at festival music events, and we  always write a new song to perform at the annual Rumble Awards


Our workshops teach others how to become a Rumble, and how to write a song together, culminating in a public performance

The Rumbles reinforce the message that it is not just what support workers, members of society and employers can do for people with learning disabilities, but it is also what people with learning disabilities, as employees and in the wider community, can do for them.

The Rumble Awards developed from this ethos