The Rumble Awards Project 2015

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the posters, which give the basic information about how we supported organisations to run their own Rumble Awards, to feed into the main event

then catch up with the latest news here:



The 4 posters below, were put together by the Hemel Campaigners who have been working with us to make our information accessible:

Book your table for Main Rumble awards

We invited organisations to send in their posters, celebrating what they do.


Just before the awards we were offered some free space at Hightown Praetorian (where the awards event took place) so we added some extra sessions, so that we could include as many people across Hertfordshire as possible:

art and event planning info

And we were offered more space from our friends at St Albans Community Fire Station:

Rumbles Awards music sessions


Whenever we could, we added sessions that could involve new people in the project, as well as the people from the 4 organisations we were working with:




application 1.png

application 3

application 2



All organisations, and many other partners, have now been chosen for the project (see poster below). We will be getting together for an inclusive training and presentation day on Thursday 16th April, and will have more news to share very soon #Proud2BARumble 


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