Examples of our work



Our team are able to draw upon a range of skills and approaches that are based on experience that includes :

· Working with vulnerable adults, including those with mental health issues, challenges, and those who do not currently have a timetable that meets their complex needs.

· Providing musical support, teaching people with a range of needs to play a guitar, adapting instruments to suit an individual, or using music technology and other instruments and equipment to create sounds together

· Delivering further education by qualified tutors and therapists, such as social skills, art, media and drama, poetry and song-writing to name a few

  • Developing person-centred media work, such as a film, an animated PowerPoint for a person-centred plan or communication for positive reinforcement

· Accompanying individuals to build a meaningful timetable in the community

· Working alongside a service provider with any of the above to share strategies and give guidance, in order that the activity can eventually be continued without our support

· Representing people with creative talents (artists, musicians/actors) etc. to publicise and sell their work and/or ideas

One to One support and Group Activities:

Both with our one-to-one support and our group activities we share and develop creative approaches to enabling (or ‘re-enabling’) people to develop their independence, self-esteem and overall potential