Jargon Busters

We originally put this performance together for the Hertfordshire Learning Disability Partnership Board Annual Event February 2012, and it reinforces the point that trainers, presenters and professionals need to avoid talking in jargon when talking to people with learning disabilities and – on many occasions – to the general public


The play was developed with the group to include their own characters and responses to a jargon-filled speech, and we made a Jargon Buster Machine, which interprets the characters thoughts as they hear the words spoken. We use the machine to change the speaker’s thinking and finally the characters respond positively to the easier words

We also wrote a song to encourage people to say “Stop – I don’t understand” if they are finding what is being said to be too complicated

Other performances of Jargon Busters include a performance in  Cambridge for Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Learning Disabilities & Forensic Services ‘Sharing Good Practice’ Conference