Personalisation – ‘The Choice is Right’

We performed for the Personalisation Road Show at 10 venues across Hertfordshire

We start with our Personalisation Song (‘The Choice is Right’) which describes the whole process and leads into a sung introduction to a Game show.

The game was devised after consulting people with a range of disabilities from Hertfordshire and – where appropriate – the people who provide their support or care.

It became evident that people were confused about budgets and how they might spend or save their money. The key message is about people being in charge and how they need to make choices if they want to save money for special occasions or ‘treats’

Contestants choose a ‘dream’ to save for and then choose from a number of activities for their weekly timetable, with a budget of 8 gold coins

They have to choose wisely. The audience can help by calling out advice and the catchphrases etc. Eventually, they ‘step into the future’ to ‘picture that dream’ (a photo is taken of the contestant with props that reflect the dream they chose)