Pants! the Pantomime

In January 2012, we performed Pants! The Pantomime at The Sandpit Theatre, a professional Theatre in St Albans

The play delivered a positive message about people with learning disabilities, and was created by the whole group based on a series of improvised scenes. This included a custard pie fight and a dance by ‘Pants People’

We worked very hard to make this a professional performance, and we created all our own songs and background music, which included The Rumbles in the story. 

Roma Mills, local councillor for St Albans, very kindly provided signing for people who were hearing impaired/deaf and we were delighted to perform to a full house of people with a range of disabilities as well as many professionals

The Pantomime brought together a number of people and of 22 people in the cast, 20 had learning disabilities and/or autism, ADHD or other differences.