Community Sessions

A 12 week course to support neurodivergent people with their mental health.

Run by two of our experienced and qualified practitioners, one of whom helped to put this course together (published by BILD).

The course is for 12 weeks. Any 1-1 staff would be included, and other staff are welcome as this will also be a ‘soft’ way of training staff in our approaches.

The course runs on a rolling basis, same day, times and venue, and can be set up in other areas of Hertfordshire at different venues/days too.

‘The training was developed through work in southeast London with The Tuesday Group. The Tuesday Group is for people with learning disabilities in the London Borough of Lewisham. They are a mental health promotion group who started meeting in 2000 and have been meeting ever since. The aims of The Tuesday Group are to promote the mental health of its members and help them develop strategies to deal with everyday life. A lot of the materials you will see in this pack were originally used with The Tuesday Group. The Tuesday Group has published several articles, spoken at numerous conferences and helped with the development of this pack’.